My Adventures in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Tea SetThe White Rabbit sat alone while perched on it’s matching teapot. He couldn’t help but notice how empty the tray was without it’s matching cup; a stark reminder of how empty he was inside. If only there was some way to make the emptiness go away. If only someone would come along and complete him.

This is the exact moment, that I took it upon myself, to find the missing piece. I frequented my usual online haunts. At the time there were only huge sets of demitasse cups and numerous other teapots. And so began my Google image search for Alice in Wonderland teacups.

After looking through hundreds of images, I narrowed it down to two particular companies that both had a lovely set of two cups & saucers available. After comparing the two, I then decided that I had to go with the one that had better images. This is how my introduction to Queen Mary began.

I made the purchase online and awaited an email notification of shipment. I’m grateful that I eventually figured out how to track my shipment within my online account. I then anxiously  awaited my parcel.

When the notice came that I could pick up my parcel, I nearly ran to the post office. As I lifted my parcel for the first time I heard a subtle jostling inside the package which immediately made my stomach drop. In the world of packaging, any movement is bad movement.

I arrived home and began unwrapping my precious parcel. My heart broke as I lifted the first saucer in the package, and felt it fall apart. Unfortunately, one of the cups in the package had fared equally as well.

This story could very easily have ended here. How many times have you received broken merchandise and been at the complete mercy of a heartless company, who refuses to give you any satisfaction? That however, was not the case.

When I contacted Queen Mary about my package, they were nothing but apologetic. They took my information, and rectified the situation, on the same day. There were no excuses, there were no outrageous demands.

My new package came in a timely manner, and was wrapped with the care & strength of Fort Knox. Lovingly added to my package, was a free gift of Alice in Wonderland tea. The subtle way the tea matched and complemented my original purchase, was not at all lost on me.

I can’t remember when a story ended so well. A happily ever after, for my rabbit & me.

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