So it begins… My First Tea Set


My first tea set as a child

My First Tea Set

It seems that I should start at the beginning. My love affair with all the pageantry that surrounds a satisfying cup of tea was fostered the moment my mother handed me my first tea set. I would seat all my guests for my impromptu tea time, which may seem backwards, but Mr. Bear would request tea at the most outrageous times.

The table would be set with the teapot, cream, sugar, cups & saucers; every setting was always arranged for maximum effect. It was always an adventure when choosing my tea. I’d fill the pot with water, juice, or drink; I didn’t care, just keep them coming. I rarely had treats for my guests; I guess I was just a terrible host. My mother was always terribly concerned that I would ruin my meal. When the odd occasion occurred that she would allow a small treat, it was usually carrots, not quite the impression I was trying to make, but I made do.

The pouring was my favourite; there is a subtle beauty that happens as you bring tea to cup. There is a precision, an almost dance, as you steadily tip your teapot. The waiting, the anticipation as the tea to comes forth. I was providing my guests a service, and an experience.

It may be surprising to know that I grew up in a teacup-free environment; which made my special little set so very memorable. It added an extravagance, that is not lost on me today. I still have a very strong sense of how special it is to drink tea from a teacup, but I have grown to believe that it is a kind of special that one should have every day. A few of my precious finds, I may only drink from once, but I now celebrate the everyday with a hot cup of tea and a beautifully crafted cup.

I have always appreciated the beauty of a cup and saucer; the curves, lines and exquisitely crafted artwork. I revel in the processes of procuring a new, or new to me, cup; it’s like being able to see each snowflake upclose. The challenge of the hunt is enjoyable, even when my fabulous find doesn’t make it’s way home with me.

I hope to bring the joy of tea time, and the wonder of the great hunt, to my photos and blog. I long to share my grand adventures in antiquing and thrifting with you. If I can successfully express myself to you wonderful people, and have even a few of you connect with that, I will be truly blessed.


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