Budgets and Bargains While Thrifting and Antiquing

Successful finds in thrifting and antiquing for tea cups

Some of my recent tea cup finds

When thrifting and antiquing, some suggest you should choose a course of action, and some say you should just enjoy the browsing & forget the search. I personally find without a clear list, cost can run rampant. It’s completely acceptable to look at everything & enjoy the adventure, but no one wants to get lost on the way.

I often find that after a full turn in an antique store, I have quite a few finds waiting for me at the front. In these cases, don’t hesitate to look through these items again, so you leave with only your must haves. If you budget for thrifting & antiquing like I do, you can run out of budget super quick if you aren’t careful.

Antique malls can be particularly difficult sometimes, as they ask to take the items to front for you, while you are still deciding. Tell them you are still considering it & haven’t committed. Sometimes you need to keep looking at the item to make an informed decision.

When at an antique mall, it is important to remember that they can usually offer a discount on behalf of the seller. The discount may only be 5-10%, but do not hesitate to ask. Sometimes they will even call the seller for you.

Antique shows are a great place to shop. The seller is usually present & motivated to move their merchandise. They have paidfor a space & must justify the expense. My husband & I, have managed to get some incredible discounts by haggling a bit with each seller. We have always received some discount.

If you are looking to pick up multiples, make sure you inquire about bulk deals. Most sellers are keen to move merchandise quickly & would love to make a deal.

Thrift stores sometimes have a little bit of play, when it comes to the more expensive merchandise. Get ahold of a manager & see what he can do to accommodate your budget.

Online classifieds can be a great resource; whether you are replying or posting a wanted ad. I have found great success in both avenues. Be clear & upfront about your budget in your ads & replies. Go ahead, make a reasonable offer & see where it goes from there. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how successful this method can be. Remember though, safety first when answering any classified ads.

I hope you found this post helpful. Happy hunting.