Hauling With Lady Carlyle

Hauling with Lady Carlyle

Our weekend plans usually begin with one special event & then we cater our antiquing around that. This weekend a Royal Doulton Mother’s Day Event took us out of town, and allowed us to expand our usual haunts. Two amazing antique malls were just a hop, skip & a jump away from the store; we found ourselves compelled to investigate both.

The Royal Doulton Event was time sensitive, so we made our way there in time to partake in the festivities. They had beautiful “New Country Roses” teapots arranged; each with a different tasty tea for us to try. The 3-tiered dessert trays were artfully arranged with an overwhelming variety of pastries. I went for a mild white tea with ginger. It was nice, but I shall always be a tisane kind of girl. I carefully chose a macaroon; as I have never found a macaroon I didn’t like. Once I enjoyed the tea & “tasties”, I decided to take advantage of the sales.

“Lady Carlyle” had been on my mind for a while, so I finally cracked and bought a nice trio. I had previously found a great sale on “New Country Roses”, so I managed to get out fairly painlessly.

Royal Albert - Lady Carlyle

I was more than tickled when I saw that a lovely set of two “New Country Roses” mugs were our gift with purchase; these will make it into the rotation.

Royal Albert - New Country Roses

We then popped into the first antique mall. Searching both high & low for the unknown, but hoping to find the remaining cups I need to complete my Blossom Time Series. I was lucky enough to lay my eyes on a reasonably priced Royal Albert “Hawthorne”; my fourth acquisition in the Blossom Time Series. So pretty.

Royal Albert - Hawthorne

After having success at the first store, we had very high hopes for the second antique mall. There was success right away in the form of a cute little saucer with a beautiful “Brookfield” cottage scene. Cookies are best eaten off nice saucers, they are the perfect size.

I was also fortunate enough to find another piece in the Blossom Time Series; a lovely Orange Blossom. This made it a very fruitful Saturday for sure.

Royal Albert - Orange Blossom and "Brookfield" Saucer

Sunday was a lazy day, we managed to roll out of bed & into a local antique store. I had a pair of vintage fighting roosters I wanted to sell, but somehow walked out with less money. Two gorgeous Royal Albert Old English Roses fought over which one got to come home with me, so I took them both. I also snagged a lovely Royal Chelsea “Apple Blossom”; I can’t pass up a blossom.

Royal Albert Old English Roses

The bargain room was calling my name so one mismatch & a Bell China “Memories” rang themselves up, and brought a $2 Shelly, with a hairline crack, with them.

Bell China - Memories, Shelly

A dreary weekend was made magic by spending the weekend treasure hunting with my man. Whether they are for my private collection, or for a future project, I am thrilled by the chase & acquisition. Thank you all for coming on this journey. May all your weekends be so successful & pleasurable.

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  1. Stéphanie says:

    A very successful haul indeed! They’re all very lovely pieces! Thank you sharing.

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